The Reality of Extraterrestrials

What Are They Really Like?

During the latest space exploration NASA discovered aliens on a distant planet. They were shocked to discoved that contraty to the belief of movies such as Independece Day, the aleins are acullay far less technologiclly advanced then us humans. Infact, through data that was collected it seems as if they are curently as tenonolgically advanced as we were during the Renaissance. We imagine that if we where to vist this planet it would be kind of like traveling to the past, John Doe, a NASA scientist, said in a recent interview though we would have to do further reashearch to determin the differences in the societal norms.

What Do They Look Like?

The aliens found looked suprisinglysimilar to Humans. They have very similar body proportions, which causes them to be able to funtion in a similar way to us.

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